Why you need this tool


Getting a diagnosis right the first time means fewer call-backs, more profit and increased customer-confidence. A proper diagnosis saves time in trouble-shooting by eliminating all the issues that could not be causing the problems. Your technicians will be focused only on those components that are potential problems.

 Better Management

  • Conduct a meaningful Performance Diagnostic on every service call.
  • Quickly identify performance problems that have previously gone undetected.
  • Increase repair opportunities and profit-per-service call.
  • Standardize performance standards between technicians.
  • Track successive Performance Diagnostic reports. (all reports are saved and instantly accessible in your account allowing you to show client how you can track significant trends in a system’s performance over a period of years.)
  • Management can track completed reports in “real time” with “real information.”

Improved Client Relationships

  • Increase client confidence, satisfaction and retention.
  • Dramatically decrease expensive and reputation-damaging call-backs.
  • Add value to existing “Scheduled Maintenance Programs.” by replacing any program that is reliant on paper generated reports that are difficult to track and retrieve. (Total Performance Diagnostics is a good reason for any company to wave goodbye to their old 21-point scheduled maintenance/inspection program.)
  • Improve communication between technicians and clients.
  • Increase client retention and referral levels by leveraging the in-home use of tablet technology along with the increased level of service.
  • Increase client touch and client retention by occupying a tiny space in their e-mail in-box.


Every business experiences some level of staff turnover. Don’t let the knowledge of your customer’s systems reside in the heads of your employees. You need a system to document every service call so next time, retrieving the most recent diagnostic report is as easy as logging in and searching for the customer’s name. It won’t matter which technician gets the call.


Don’t rely on your intuition or your technician’s hunches as a reliable diagnostic tool. In the old days, feeling a coil and mentally comparing it to the feel of a cold beer were enough to tell a customer that his system was working. That just doesn’t cut it any more. Neither does trying to read a 3-dimensional psychrometric chart in a dark basement. Just train your techs to take accurate readings and plug them into our online diagnostic software. We’ll do the calculations instantly and provide a report with every performance problem outlined in a checklist for further investigation.

Customer Intimacy

When you email a diagnostic report to your customer, it lets them know that you’ve done a thorough job investigating their system. They’ll know what the strengths and weaknesses are. They’ll be confident that you are shooting straight with them. On your next call, they’ll be able to track the performance of their system with you and see how it’s holding up over time. Why would they ever call another service company if you have their accurate historical data in your system?