Verify Compressor Operating Amps

 Correct the Pressure Problem / Replace the Compressor or Condenser

Internal compressor problems, or excessive refrigerant pressure may cause compressors to significantly over amp after start-up.  Correct any refrigerant pressure problems before replacing the compressor.  Amperage problems due to capacitors, voltage, or other electrical problems should have already been eliminated earlier in the matrix.

Compressor Operating Amp Draw (OAD) varies dependent on line voltage, head pressure, suction pressure and a number of other factors.  However, estimating OAD in the field in real time is not impossible. Dividing LRA by 6 will give technicians a rough estimate of the higher end of OAD. Dividing LRA by 9 will give technicians a rough estimate of the lower end of OAD.  For a more precise measurement consult the compressor manufacturers “compressor performance data sheet”.

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