Report Lookup Tutorial

When you Log on to your Total Performance Diagnostic Account, you’ll see the Diagnostic Report Header.

Click on the REPORT LOOKUP tab to access the REPORT LOOKUP menu

REPORT search can be filtered by

Report Lookup Tutorial
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To filter your search by CUSTOMER NAME simply start typing the clients name and use the QUICK SEARCH selection box to help with your search

Searches can also be filtered by DATE RANGE by clicking on one or both dates and then using the left and right arrows to select the month and year and then clicking on a specific day.

To search Client Reports performed by for every technician within the company leave the SHOW ONLY MY REPORTS box unchecked

To search only those reports you have completed click on the SHOW ONLY MY REPORTS box.

After completing your filter selections click the SEARCH REPORTS button

To view a report click on the VIEW tab

Total Performance Diagnostics LOOKUP feature can be useful in a number of ways:

  • Management can easily view… every report… for every technician… for every day
  • Date and time stamps help verify the progress of SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE service calls
  • Sales people can use the report information when discussing equipment replacement.
  • Field Technicians use the lookup feature to search previous CLIENT REPORTS or to quickly display
  • Before and after performance reports