Gas Heat Report Tutorial

When you Log on to your Total Performance Diagnostic Account, Total Performance Displays the Diagnostic Report Header.

Gas Heat Report Tutorial
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If you do not intend to use Total Performance Diagnostics’ CLIENT REPORT feature, the CLIENT, SYSTEM INFORMATION, and SYSTEM portions of the header do not need to be completed.

In the REPORT section of the header click on the GAS HEAT box.

Total Performance Diagnostic presents the technicians GAS HEAT worksheet with its familiar READINGS-IN / RESULTS-OUT format.

The READINGS side of the worksheet is completed by entering the data collected from the GAS HEAT system into the data boxes located next to the designated reading.

The Nominal Tons data is not necessary for HEAT ONLY systems.

Nominal Tons is only used in the Gas Heat Worksheet to estimate and compare COOLING CFM.

The first set of air temperature readings is used to calculate heating performance and should be taken with the system calling for heat and the fan set to the auto position.

The second set of air temperature readings is used to calculate Cooling CFM.

The technician must first verify that the Fan On fan speed and Cooling Fan speed are the same.

Then set the thermostat fan selection to the FAN ON setting and take the second set of air temperature readings.

Click on the CALCULATE RESULTS button to calculate and display your results.