Cooling Report Tutorial

Log on to your Total Performance Diagnostic account to display a “Report Header”.

On the right side of the Report Header beneath Report select “Cooling” by clicking on the adjacent box.

Total Performance Diagnostic displays a “Technician Work Sheet” with only the information required to complete the cooling performance report.

Cooling Report Tutorial
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The only information we need is Nominal Tons and three temperature measurements:

  1. Return Wet Bulb
  2. Supply Wet Bulb
  3. Outdoor Ambient Temperature

 All WB readings should be to the nearest tenth (56.8) of a degree)

Enter the information and Click the “Calculate Results” Button.

The Results are displayed on the Right side of the “Work Sheet”.

The Results side of the “Technician Work Sheet” displays “Results” and their acceptable ranges using three columns.

The Low and High columns indicate the ranges that have been customized by you or your company to represent an acceptable range of operation…

The far right column displays, the “actual” performance of the system based on the “readings” entered.

“Out of range” readings are displayed in red.

There are two important facts every technician must be aware of:

First: Less than one in hundred systems, at design conditions, produce the number of BTUs the manufacturer codes into the model number of the system. It’s almost always less. That’s why we call it Nominal Tons.

Second: Actual BTU output varies widely based on outdoor climate variables. This is why even with a perfectly operating system, actual BTU output bounces all over the place depending on outdoor climate conditions.

Standard psychometric calculators produce a different right answer every time the outdoor conditions change.

Which is why, Total Performance Diagnostic employs a unique temperature adjustment algorithm.

Regardless of external operating temperatures, Total Performance Diagnostic translates all readings back to standard operating conditions before they are displayed.

This unique feature allows Total Performance Diagnostic to produce a report that requires no interpretation or explanation in order to be clearly understood.

That’s it. It’s just that easy. Four readings and five seconds of data entry.