Client Report Tutorial

Total Performance Diagnostics’ CLIENT REPORT contains the same technical information as the technician’s work sheet, but the information is presented in a format specifically designed so clients can more easily understand the information.

Total Performance Diagnostics’ CLIENT REPORT is easy enough to use on every job…

Client Report Tutorial
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But when combined with its archiving, email and look-up features, it becomes the perfect platform for any SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE program.

The top section of the Client Report contains your company Logo, and your company name and address. You can also add your phone number, web address, tag line, or other information.

Then the CLIENT REPORT presents the client’s system information system and report details. Each CLIENT REPORT is also time and date stamped.

Total Performance Diagnostics uses the TIME and DATE STAMP and the CLIENT NAME for searching archived Client Reports using the REPORT LOOKUP menu.

The CLIENT REPORT summarizes system performance results as simple, easy to understand percentages.

System SEER information is located in the same area of the report to highlight the advantages of installing ENERGY EFFICIENT equipment.

SEER information can be very useful when cooling performance percentages are low or even when cooling performance is good but equipment is nearing the end of its life cycle.

SEER information is presented in four columns:

  1. The first column designates the information being presented.
  2. The second column presents the lowest SEER equipment available, its annual cooling cost and the estimated cooling savings when compared to the client’s existing equipment.
  3. The third column presents the highest SEER equipment your company offers, its annual cost of operation and the estimated savings when compared to the client’s existing equipment.
  4. The fourth and final column presents the client’s system’s estimated SEER rating and their estimated annual cooling cost.

The PERFORMANCE DIAGNOSTIC area presents the detailed system information from the Report side of the Technicians Worksheet.

The technician will recognize the familiar four column presentation.

This information can be used by the technician to detail why a heating or cooling performance percentage was low, or to point out other potential problems.

Any out of range readings are presented in RED to alert the client that a problem does exist.

The LOW and HIGH ranges are beneficial when explaining complicated technical information to clients.

Next, Total Performance Diagnostics presents any disclaimer or other information your company may want to include in the report.

Total Performance Diagnostics presents an information box for each “out of range” reading to aid technicians in explaining performance problems, as a disclaimer, and to supply clients with information they may need to share with another decision maker.

Each box contains a brief explanation of what the client might expect if the out of range condition is not addressed or the recommended repairs are not completed.

Finally, Total Performance Diagnostic lists one or more possible causes for the out of range reading as a means of reinforcing the technicians conclusions and recommendations.

CLIENT REPORTS can be printed using your browser’s print screen function, displayed to clients on a lap top, smart phone or tablet computer or e-mailed to the client for viewing on their home computer.