You will find the Video Training Tutorial links just to the right. We’ve included separate tutorials for each separate function and report.  Use these video tutorials to teach and learn how to easy Total Performance Diagnostics is to work with.  Organize your learning using our TPD Course Outline.

To understand what Total Performance Diagnostics™ is, it may be helpful to first examine what TPD™ is not. Total Performance Diagnostics™ first and foremost, is not a psychrometric calculator.

TPD™ calculations will probably not agree with any other performance calculations you may find on-line or anywhere else… And for good reason… TPD™ is designed to reach beyond the static laboratory operating conditions and find the real world.

TPD™ believes that the best information available is the information that brings the best understanding. More often than not, this is not the static technical information that requires hours of explanation, but the adaptive, condensed information that speaks to us in words we are comfortable and familiar with.

Total Performance Diagnostics™ calculates operating conditions based on an altitude adjusted “modified standard air” model, that is then temperature adjusted and recalculated so information is presented in a format that clients and technicians are familiar and comfortable with.

Total Performance Diagnostics™ is not a scientific or technical calculation program. TPD™ is a unique balance of technical accuracy, efficient information gathering and client communications.

The unique advantage of TPD™ is

  1. easy enough to actually be used by technicians in the field,
  2. accurate enough to be usable and
  3. clear enough to be easily understood.

Take a tour of TPD™ or watch/read the tutorials available to the right.