Tour of Total Performance Diagnostic


Total Performance Diagnostic works on any web-ready “smart” device including cell phones and tablets.

Getting started and entering data…

Opening a new report is easy. All your techs need to do is login with their credentials (that you provide them) and enter the client’s information. They then select the reports they want to provide and begin plugging in the data. Hit one button and the report is generated. Watch our tutorials for more detailed explinations.

Create a new report

Easy to understand reports for your techs and customers…

This is the report that’ll make you money.

Once the readings have been entered, your tech clicks a button and this report is automatically generated. The best part is the suggestions for service is automatically generated for your tech. It takes the guess work out of communication and creates a consistency with your operations.

Total Performance Diagnostics Report

Fast communication with easy to find past reports…

Your techs will know exactly what happened during the previous service calls. They are able to quickly search every report in the system and review what’s needed to get the job done right… the first time.

Search for reports with ease

You’re in control of the settings and customization…

Every service area is unique and you’re in control of the underlying computations to guarantee you’re providing the most accurate information for your area.

Easily adjust your account settings

Better everything…

This tool provides you:

  • better management
  • faster diagnosis
  • better communication
  • better client relationships

We guarantee the profits from good diagnostics will outweigh the cost. At our low monthly rates, you can only make money using this tool.


Client SEER Report

A SEER report