Correct Line Voltage to ECM Fan

Correct Line Voltage Problem or Wire Harness Problem

Check the manufacturers wiring schematic ….  in general ECM modules receive a constant line voltage power. Unlike most electrical components, it is very possible for ECM module to have line voltage and still not run.  The line voltage into the ECM motor module is powering the module, not the motor.

Line voltage to a condenser generally originates a the homes breaker panel and should be routed directly to the condenser disconnect. Current is then normally tied directly to the line side of the condenser contactor.  Verify voltage starting at the line side of the contactor and working you way back to the homes breaker panel.  When checking 220 current for operational purposes, always check across the lines … not to ground. (When checking 220 current for safety purposes, always check from each line to a known ground source.)

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ECM Condenser Fan