Different is OK … Right

A Blog inside A Blog?      Different is OK … right?

achrnews            February 27, 2012               By: Angela D. Harris


Angela is right… as usual …  and she is just like your clients.

  1. She’s shocked by the rising cost of everything….  “The $40 price tag for basic service threw me off.”
  2. She’s willing to take a chance on you …   “I was in a hurry, so I told the guy to go ahead…”
  3. She was on your side so much that she tried justifying her decision to pay more …  “.. and then I considered that maybe they did a better, more thorough job..” …nobody wants to think they made a bad decision.
  4. She looked for what makes your company different …  “Not one item on that list was any different than the place I usually go to that charges me $25.” … and could not find any.
  5. Then she did just what your customers do …  “Irritated, I paid the $40 and silently vowed to never return.”

It wasn’t the money that bothered Angela … it was the fact that nothing was different.  Different is ok … right?  Different is better than ok, it’s great.  Different, is what keeps people coming back and paying more.

What are you doing that’s different?  Did you go from a seven point check list to a twenty one point check list?  Or did you drop your price from $25.00 to $20.00.  The price may have thrown Angela off, but it was the lack of any differentiation that “irritated” Angela.

I think Angela would love Total Performance Diagnostics and never look back at those fellows that used to steal her $25.00 for a quick service and a stupid check list.