Adjust refrigerant charge / generic guidelines

Adjust refrigerant charge / generic  guidelines

Allow the system to reach Steady State Operation (normally 10 to 20 minutes of run time) before adjusting refrigerant charge.    Proper refrigerant charge is dependent on a number of factors including outdoor temperature, indoor temperature and humidity, condenser air flow, proper indoor air flow, line length and height and the type of refrigerant metering. When the Mfg. charging instructions are not available it may be necessary to use more generalized charging guidelines.    FIXED ORFICE (Adjust Super-Heat to between 20 – 30°F) or reference the following chart    ………  TXV (Adjust Sub-Cooling between 10 – 14°F) or reference the following charts.

  Generic Super-Heat Charging Chart


Sub-Cooling Chart 1.5 Ton  Sub-Cooling Chart 2 Ton

Sub-Cooling Chart 2.5 Ton  Sub-Cooling Chart 3 Ton

Sub-Cooling Chart 3.5 Ton  Sub-Cooling Chart 4 Ton

Sub-Cooling Chart 5 Ton


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