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 There is Profit in Performance Diagnostics    

                     Performance testing  practical enough to do in the field                   and not just in a laboratory.

     .Your technician got the system up and running again, but running just means the system is making noise and moving air.  A quick heating or cooling PERFORMANCE DIAGNOSTIC could easily reveal hidden air flow, refrigerant charge or other system performance problems.   A LOT of profit can be made in the HVAC industry through performance diagnostics … when those problems are clearly communicated to homeowners. The profit comes from  identifying additional equipment sales and repair sales  opportunities while providing the customer with the information needed to make wise decisions.

 The truth is no one is really interested in how many Btu’s a system is producing under a random set of variable operating conditions.  What everyone really wants to know is how is the system operating in relationship to how it’s supposed to be operating.  And that’s precisely what Total Performance Diagnostics does.

The first step to performing quick and meaningful system performance evaluations is shaking loose of  the Performance Diagnostic Brain Cloud  that has long plagued the HVAC industry. Don’t diagnose system performance “just for fun” do it for the money.  You can’t recommend repairs you can’t find and you can’t find repairs you don’t look for.  And no matter what government “energy experts” say … you can’t spend all day evaluating system performance.

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Working closely with HVAC contractors, Total Performance Diagnostics quickly recognized the  inconsistencies between technicians’ evaluations, even with identical training.   One technician insists a coil needs pulled and cleaned another says it’s just fine. One technician says the system needs refrigerant; another says the charge is OK.   Personal opinions and educated guesses are poor substitutes for a professional diagnoses!  The new definition of insanity is “doing things differently every time and expecting the same results”.   When it comes to evaluating system performance:  Total Performance Diagnostics gets all your technicians on “same page” .

Getting a system up and running is the easy part. But just because a system is running doesn’t mean it’s running right.  Making sure a system is running right is tricky business. Experienced technicians tend to rely on their intuition and newbies are easily confused.  Time to trade in those Old School ways for the New Tools of the 21st century.

Traditionally, getting a system performance evaluation right requires using complex charts, formulas and calculations. Once you have those numbers, you can start modifying the readings to compensate for local climate, elevation, and weather variables. Yet, you are still left with explaining to customers what all those technical numbers mean. TPD compiles all those numbers into one number any customer can understand.  View an on-line report.


How it works:

Technicians enter basic readings on a web-enabled phone or tablet and our system generates a diagnostic report with suggested problem areas. Every diagnosis uses your local environmental data. Every report is customized with your logo and contact information. Your technician uses the report to pinpoint trouble areas. Customers appreciate having an accurate “report card” emailed to them following a service call. Learning how to operate Total Performance Diagnostics is easy with our extensive video tutorial library.


One low monthly payment for each technician gets you the following:

  • Instant Access via any web-enabled device
  • Real-time tracking of reports by client or by technician
  • Conduct a complete Performance Diagnostic on every service call
  • Quickly identify problems that have previously gone undetected
  • more…